The dynamics in the automotive industry demands manufacturers to revise or upgrade their products continually. Finding talent that has the capability to keep pace with the changes has become a major challenge for most automotive industry businesses but not for the clients of CETraC Human Resource Center! The automotive industry recruitment teams at our agency have made manpower sourcing and hiring SMART, Lean, and optimized, just like the industry benchmarks for production.

Our automotive recruitment specialists offer end-to-end recruitment support. We assist employers with transforming their recruitment strategies and methods to align with their market scenarios and demands. Our consultants offer solutions to help employers frame and execute human resources hiring approaches based on the right recruitment type-permanent, temporary, contractual, contract-to-staffing, and project-based hiring. The automotive recruitment teams at our agency serve the staffing needs of OEMs, electronic, electrical and mechanical auto components manufacturers, tire manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, logistics and distribution agencies, dealers, retail outlets, repair and service centers, and other firms.

Whether you are looking for product designers, design development and CADD experts, front line production supervisors and operators, quality control specialists, logistics managers or staff, purchase managers or staff, technicians for repair and maintenance or automotive sales or IT division heads and staff, find superior talent through our services! Find outstanding candidates for top leadership roles in automotive manufacturing operations or consultants to implement factory or manufacturing intelligence systems or service providers for IIoT solutions in the automotive sector. Whatever be your need for talent, you are assured dedicated solutions.

What Are Your Automotive Recruitment Talent Gaps? Identify The Right Solutions

When you need to scale up or down your production operations or resources to cope with the highs and lows of market demands, you also face the risk of a high attrition rate of specialized permanent staff and overall talent shortage when market demands increase. Partner with us, meet these challenges head-on, and overcome them smartly! For making manpower sourcing and hiring projects successfully, our experienced recruiters and consultants draw from our 11+ years of experience, expertise, resources, competencies, and market outreach.

You might be looking for design engineers to implement rapid 3D prototyping of auto parts for a complicated truck, trailer or 4X4 car part. You might be an automotive warehouse looking for store managers or a factory looking for certified technicians to manage assembly or repair.  If you are not able to hire on time and miss deadlines or face other production challenges, you need automotive recruitment specialists to ensure fast placements. Less time to hire should not, however, lead to poor quality hiring and acquiring staff that is not able to meet strong performance records.

Partnering with a CETraC HR Center automotive recruitment expert helps you improve both your time-to-hire and quality of hire metrics. Here are some reasons why our automotive recruitment consultants solve any manpower hiring problems.

  • Our automotive recruitment services teams have experts in campus recruitment, recruitment campaigns, and networking. We have worked on large-scale hiring projects, offshore hiring projects, and outsourced manufacturing service provider hiring projects.
  • The outreach we have in automotive recruitment extends to a million plus candidates comprising professionals for all levels across an organization structure, from top leadership to production operators and semi-skilled workers. The scope of our automotive recruitment services is wide and covers recruitment projects in numerous countries across the globe.

Comprehensive Automotive Staffing Solutions

If you are planning to hire the services of an automotive recruitment agency, find one that can become your one-stop solution center. At our agency, find comprehensive automotive recruitment services. The solutions we provide cover recruitment strategy and planning, consultations for resolving specific recruitment issues, staffing, recruitment process management, executive search and top talent-hiring and automotive IT hiring.

Onshore, offshore, permanent, temporary or remote, consultant or project-based, whatever be the recruitment model you practice, rest assured of getting the right talent on time. Our automotive recruitment agency teams have access to comprehensive and proprietary databases comprising diverse automotive industry talent pools. We have developed connections with automotive industry professionals worldwide. The recruitment success stories we have helped create for thousands of automotive recruitment projects have expanded our ability to hire right for any role.

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We have been offering manpower services to automotive industry clients worldwide for more than a decade. CETraC Human Resource Center serves the end-to-end recruitment needs, offering services dedicatedly and with a high level of commitment. The benefits we assure are many. Some are listed below:

  • Fill Positions Quickly: Every recruitment project is managed in a Lean, smart and optimized manner, leveraging our vast talent databases, tech-enabled search techniques, and applicant tracking systems. These practices reduce the time to hire.
  • Find Superior Talent with Ease: The talent databases built over 11+ years and the wide networks of connections with automotive industry professionals, experts, and certified technicians help us identify best-match candidates with ease. Our agency also attracts thousands of new job seekers every year, further enriching our ability to track great talent.
  • Enhanced Recruitment Management: From the pre-hiring stage to interview rounds and final shortlisting and negotiations, every step of the recruitment process is managed with excellence. Our recruitment management enhances the experience of employers and candidates.
  • Cost Savings: Through our recruitment solutions, cost savings are assured. You can cut down up to 15%-20% on overall recruitment expenditure when you outsource to us.
  • Fair Practice and Compliance: We are an established agency with a 100% track record in fair practices and compliance.
  • Optimum Reliability: We go out of our way to ensure that you get thoroughly reliable candidates – through detailed background checks, documentation checks, reference checks, etc.