Youth Advocacy

Youth Advocacy

CETraC Human Resource Center regards Youth Advocacy to be a mission based on human rights principles, striving towards the well-being of young people. The principles of this framework attempt to prevent juvenile crime and create opportunities for young people world-wide, to take individual responsibility in managing personal and socially-affecting issues. The overall purpose of this youth advocacy development support training course is to empower young people in their everyday lives. Youth Advocacy aims to supply adequate support to youth in all areas that affect them – be it education, housing, employment, health, social security, recreation or human relationships. Herein, a young person gains insights into the mature world of decision making and exercising right judgement. The results of purposeful Youth Advocacy include increase in the proper understanding of legal process, government functions, political awareness and social responsibilities.

Assisted by this framework, the youth access their ability to make clear choices about issues that affect their everyday life. The youth are able to utilise social systems to develop a real sense of self-worth. Thus, they find that they are in more accomplished positions of responsibility, and are further equipped to respond to the complex demands of society. Within the functions of Youth Advocacy, there exists opportunities for employers to utilise young people across all social levels.

The goal is to empower young people through their own actions in situations that affect them. Youth Advocacy becomes a working dimension of the principles of human rights in practice. CETraC Human Resource Center has extended its services to partners spread across Ghana, Africa and the World at large in order to advocate youth upliftment. These partner institutes include the Young Crew (YC) of Institute of Project Management Professionals. The IPMP Young Crew in their Advocacy 2018 Project Management Conference took effective and lasting steps to minimise if not negate youth problems. The council organised for meetings on the issue with the National Unity Government to increase participation of CSO and youth representatives from various provinces in Ghana. The YC is a global organisation that protects the youth and the most vulnerable sections of society from violence and oppression irrespective of their gender, community, caste, race, and ethnicity.

The services that are provided by our affiliates are in collaboration with the local norms and legal and cultural guidelines of the province/country in which they are established. These services include and are not restricted to free legal aid, youth support and family support assistance, career counselling and employment services to young people. The age group that we cater to by means of our youth outreach is generally – 10 to 18 years.

Our partner associations assist young people with – Legal Cases (including being charged with breaking the law or child protection related cases), problems at home or school, lack of accommodation and/or income, being the victim of a crime (including abuse), being a victim of racial/gender discrimination.

Our agencies prioritise those who are involved in, or are at risk of involvement in physical and/or drug/substance abuse, and/or are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Initiatives are being undertaken for provision of support to those under 10 and over 18 years of age as well via telephone, website and publications.