Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Sustainable development is achievable only when every member of society is granted the opportunity to make a visible contribution – intellectually and physically. Many countries unfortunately, still do not witness real life application of gender equality and uniform treatment of all. In several regions of the world, women are found battling for equality and question the extent to which promised reforms have been implemented. While in some countries, women are being identified as ‘drivers of the economy’, in others, they are deprived of basic rights – to nourishment, healthcare, education, vote and work.

We at CETraC Human Resource Center aim to progressively innovate new strategies to enable Women Empowerment especially in Ghana, Africa, and the world at large. We have partnered with associations like the IPMP WIP (Women in Project) in Ghana and work other such affiliates around the globe in our women development support endeavours. Inspired by the likes of the CWRA (Center for Women and Returning Adults), Women’s Aid-UK and WINS (Women in Need Society), it is our aim to support personal assist functions like counselling, helplines services, social services and academic scholarship programs for women and teenage girls.

CETraC Human Resource Center affiliates utilise our professional services in learning and development for women by pre-scheduling programs through our Open Courses in Anger Management, Communication Skills, Administration Skills, Domestic Finance Management and more.

We regard our development support programs for women as extremely vital to our own growth as a successful Global Solutions Institution and adopt an approach of progressive growth in the area of opportunities for women. We find that there will be no immediate end for community support that CETraC Human Resource Center can offer. Hence, it is our constant mission to create more opportunities to deliver women developmental programs world-wide, increase our social welfare networking and enhance the capacity of our task-force. Our social welfare networking program allows you to become a volunteer in regions (preferably in and around your area of residence and work/study) that run developmental camps supported by our teams.

Our strategies focus at achieving the following objectives:

  • A measurable increase in women’s economic well-being, safety and security.
  • Create a generation of women with entrepreneurial skills, assist funding for start-up capital for women to sustain earning opportunities.
  • Provide training on law, educational and economic policies to women.
  • Advocate the use of research papers, initiate engagements with governments and forums to ensure women’s rights are factored into economic policy issues.
  • Facilitate the creation of a stronger position for women to advocate for their human rights and political participation
  • Ensure that women have access to improved economic opportunities through business interventions in supply chains and economic development programmes

We find, through our research and examination in the area of women empowerment, that it is central to improve global knowledge on how to deliver results for women and girls through economic development interventions. Our success is measured by the increase of visibility of women’s work in the education sector and market supply chains. CETraC Human Resource Center purposes to improve global knowledge on women’s economic contribution through each of its development support programs.