CETraC Human Resource Center provides engineering staffing services that covers a wide range of domains and engineering fields from automotive, biotechnology, chemical, electrical, electronics, geotechnical to structural and aerospace. We have a strong, worldwide network of engineering recruiters for different industry practice groups to manage the various design, field, onshore, and offshore engineering talent acquisition projects. You could completely trust our agency to find engineers from any field and of any expertise level.

 CETraC Human Resource Center engineering recruitment services teams include experienced head-hunters who assist companies in hiring specialized or highly experienced professionals. We help recruit chief engineers, production heads, project managers, heads of quality assurance, process improvement specialists, and product design engineers. You could also partner with us to find the manpower to staff an entire unit.

 As a global engineering recruitment institution, CETraC Human Resource Center have an extensive outreach that spans countries. The local and global insights gathered over 11+ years, serving thousands of companies in different geographies, enable us to assure top-level recruitment support.

CETraC Human Resource Center engineering recruitment teams are well trained to frame custom manpower sourcing strategies that align with client goals and requirements. If you have large volume hiring needs, make hiring a streamlined process that takes less time and investment. You could consult with us to improve your recruitment strategies and processes to make them more efficient and outcome-enriched.

 Our engineering recruitment services are among the best in the industry.

Here are some reasons worth noting.

  • CETraC Human Resource Center recruitment teams maintain a proactive approach towards engaging with job seekers and retain contacts across careers. Our engineering recruiters quickly find out about candidate ambitions, goals, abilities, strengths, and areas where they lack interest or what they prefer or dislike in jobs and workplaces.
  • CETraC Human Resource Center engineering recruitment teams are committed to maintaining active records about candidates, updated on a periodic basis, we have a tech-enabled system for searching through our editable databases so that it becomes easy to extract records on any criteria. Whether you need experienced engineers for textile machinery design or civil engineering graduates for a construction project, with algorithmic searching, we can easily narrow down on the right profiles.
  • CETraC Human Resource Center go beyond profile matching to find the traits and abilities that best fit a role. If you are looking for a QA engineer with excellent communication skills to report to German clients and with knowledge of interconnected factory systems, we will narrow down on all traits and abilities that make a perfect fit for the role. Our services extend to background checks, documentation checks, reference checks, etc., to prevent risks from hiring.

Whether you want to hire for manufacturing operations in the Middle East or Europe, find experts to optimize door manufacturing processes or design HVAC systems, find the right-fit talent through our services. When we say right fit, we say in terms of experience levels, proven track records, knowledge, behavioural traits, problem-solving skills, and all other requirements for the role. Onshore, offshore, permanent, temporary or remote, consultant or project-based, fill positions within the scheduled time through our services.