Global Staffing

Global Staffing

Simplify and accelerate your expansion with our international staffing solutions. Our global staffing team is an expert at delivering agile global talent solutions based on your business needs. We are positioned to identify and engage resources anywhere you need them in a matter of days. We take care of the process from recruitment, onboarding, and international payroll on target on budget and on time in an agile and fully compliant way. Share with us your business needs, and we will make things happen.

Simplify and accelerate your expansion with our international staffing solutions

You always want to hire the best person or team for your expansion overseas, which often requires multilingual recruiters who understand the local culture and your business needs, plus a way to onboard and pay your new staff in a fully compliant way. We have a team of global recruitment specialists and entities nearly in every country in the world, so you don’t need to spend months or even years recruiting and working with attorneys, banks, and other advisors to get international talent up and running.

With us, it’s only a matter of days. Once you let us know the profile you need to hire; our team will source the perfect fit and manage the onboarding process in total compliance with local rules and according to your company guidelines. Not only will the employee(s) start working faster than it would typically take, but you also won’t have to handle any of the recruitment, legal, tax, or HR burdens that come with the territory. CETraC HR staffing offers on-demand resources for as long as you need them, no risk, no strings attached.

Our recruiters have international experience and have a finger in the pulse of global business trends. We can assist you in finding the perfect match for your project when and where you need it. As an international PEO (professional employer organization) and Global EOR (Employer of record), we can help you hire those candidates wherever you need them in a matter of days.